I am…

A nurse

A drama queen

A book.a.holic

A dreamer

An aspiring writer

A lover of movies, music, rain, travelling, beach – especially the beach

I dream of spending game nights every other night with someone who lives with a dog named Milo

Not a morning person

A computer geek

Self worth and self dignity above anything else.

I love sunrise but mostly sunset

I love taking adventures

I love taking risks

I choose to be spontaneous

I am very much easy-going

I prefer whiskey over beer

I am a little weird and acts on impulse sometimes

I love wild laughter

I love having my own time or rather alone time

I love to move to the beat of RnB and HiP-HoP

I love staring at the stars, chase them and leave behind all the negative things

I CHOOSE to be happy

One day I will be able to publish my very own book (P.S. Nope, it is not a love story)

I love Taylor Swift or rather how she can jot down her emotions

I am a bit stubborn

I am going to be in love – one day the TRUE LOVE kind


I LOVE the best and the worst points of MY life.

PS. I used this blog to capture every happy but mostly my heart breaking and saddest stories in this site. For those who had the chance to read it I just wanted to say “THANK YOU” for reading those stories. I have hidden it somewhere in this cyberspace as I am now to start or rather I am choosing to look on the positive aspects of life. Life is too short for me to wander on those events that have somehow help me cultivate and mold myself to realize what I want for myself. It was hard and scary and burns (not literally, but that feeling of being burned… I guess) but it is time to move on. Take and learn from the memories but leave behind the painful feelings. It is time to grow and take charge of MY OWN happiness. It is time to turn the page to something new and exciting and more fulfilling. I hope you who have been with me through those shattering events will remain. I have more stories to share and I know I will also learn from YOU.



Live. Laugh. Love



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