30 Days of Surrender

     30 days

Since I have taken the test of 30-day Blogging Challenge I have decided that I want to do 30 Days of Surrender while doing the blogging challenge.

My goal of doing this process is to learn how to loosen my grip on things that I cannot control. For years, I have taken so much control in my life to a point where it does no good for me. To stop trying to force, wield and perpetually over think life instead of just going with the flow. To stop hesitating my every action instead of owning it without fear and face the consequences attached to it. To liberate those things and situations in my life that are not healthy or positive or those that does not make me happy or prevent me from being happy or invigorating for me to be able to create space for the things that ARE. More importantly, I have had my faith shaking so many times and now, I want to surrender my will unconditionally to God and fully trust Him without skepticism.

It has been life and energy depleting trying to dominate every single aspect in my life and I am done doing that. By entirely giving in to God; trusting the process and His timing, everything will happen when it should, how it should and why it should.

For 30 days I will be posting constant and affirming reminders to remind myself on why letting go and having strong faith in Him will let me live my life to the fullest.

Day 1

Day 1

30 days 2

Day 2

30 days 3

Day 3


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