123 Things To Do When You Feel Like Chatting Him Up

Or texting, emailing, snail mailing, IM-ing, calling or whatever means you do to reach out to him.

  1. Pray
  2. Deactivate your social media accounts. Or any account you both have.
  3. Zumba your way to a hot new you with #StrongIsBeautiful.
  4. In your underwear.
  5. Or hit the gym and meet new friends.
  6. With more than just an underwear.
  7. Binge watch How I Met Your Mother and be reminded that love takes time.
  8. Search for a restaurant you haven’t tried and date yourself.
  9. Get some sleep. But if you feel sleep is overrated
  10. You can always paint your nails.
  11. Learn how to really
  12. Pick up a new hobby. Painting perhaps?
  13. Hold out a get together with friends: Grad School, HS and Childhood friends.
  14. Clean your entire condo unit
  15. And I mean THOROUGHLY clean it.
  16. Rearrange your wardrobe.
  17. And donate all those you knowyou will never wear again.
  18. Create a Pinterest board
  19. Travel to Cagbalete. You know you need and want it.
  20. Memorize the 54 countries of Africa and test yourself on them.
  21. Or the 50 states of USA.
  22. Spend 3 hours in Forever21 and try on at least 20 outfits.
  23. Get an online teaching job at RareJob.
  24. Go for a long walk.
  25. Or go look for some bike rental and go cycling while singing “Thinking of You”
  26. Watch multiple hours of television series on Netflix. May or may not fail.
  27. Make homemade cards for people you care about and give them out.
  28. Do some volunteer work.
  29. Learn how to drive.
  30. Come back to writing. And pour your heart and soul into words.
  31. And cry when you feel like it.
  32. Devote time learning French.
  33. Get a massage. Your back is aching for weeks now!
  34. And while at it, give your sexy bod some body spa as well.
  35. Go see a local band perform.
  36. Listen to Ed Sheeran.
  37. Or lip synch to Taylor Swift’s “We Are Never Getting Back Together”
  38. Go to a café by yourself.
  39. And order something yummy like Double Chocolate Chip Frappe with Raspberry drizzle.
  40. Binge watch Buzzfeed videos
  41. Or IG vids of @kidsgettinghurt or @drunkpeopledoingthings.
  42. Memorize a Nicki Minaj rap.
  43. Chat with someone from your neighborhood.
  44. Play with all your make up.
  45. And sell those you know you haven’t used in a while.
  46. Go to the movies alone and watch a horror flick.
  47. And while at it, buy the biggest popcorn there.
  48. Go on an unfriending spree on Facebook – in case you did not deactivated.
  49. Go to a winery class for real!
  50. Catch up with old childhood friends.
  51. Watch some news. Real news.
  52. Do some stargazing.
  53. Breathe in your hurt and heartache, and breathe it all out.
  54. Give grandma a call.
  55. Watch puppy videos on Youtube.
  56. Challenge yourself and watch every single episode of Game of Thrones.
  57. And if successful, you get to reward yourself.
  58. Go pet somebody else’s pet.
  59. Take a long steamy bath.
  60. Upgrade your Town Hall in Clash of Clans.
  61. Watch How To Be Single for the nth time.
  62. Or binge watch (yet again) Sex and The City series.
  63. Read all the books and magazines you’ve downloaded.
  64. Organize your external hard drives.
  65. Go on a hike (there’s always a beginner’s hike).
  66. Go within and listen to the still small voice of your heart and instincts.
  67. Chase away the negativities in your home by blasting T. Swift’s 1989 album.
  68. Plan your 30thBirthday Party even if it is still 5 months away.
  69. Practice shooting with your bro’s Nerf gun; pin his picture and shoot away. Then,
  70. Go to a real shooting range; pin his picture at the target and shoot with all your heart.
  71. Listen to a self-hypnosis session.
  72. Go ride a rollercoaster with friends or by yourself if you dare.
  73. Sing your heart out in Karaoke.
  74. Plan your own DIY trips even when you aren’t going anytime soon.
  75. Write a letter to him then burn it.
  76. Maybe go and do glamping and bonfire then actually burn it!
  77. Water your plants. If you don’t have any…
  78. Then buy some indoor plants. Not the plastic ones.
  79. Go to the dentist.
  80. Give your face some love and get facials.
  81. Write a letter to your future self at futureme.org
  82. Create some notes with positive affirmations and post them around the house.
  83. Cry the pain away (in the comforts of your home and not in front of him).
  84. Accept the fact that it is okay to be sad and really feel it.
  85. No, don’t buy a gallon of ice cream and drown in it. You’ll get Diabetes.
  86. Go for a swim and exercise that heart.
  87. Light candles and/or incense. Don’t put it near the curtains!
  88. Ride the LRT 2 train back and forth.
  89. Never take the MRT unless you want to walk along the railways.
  90. Take up boxing or kickboxing. Seriously, I don’t know the difference.
  91. Go to the zoo or not.
  92. Visit some art museum. I hear Pinto Art Museum is really nice.
  93. Drink 2 liters of water every single day.
  94. Or 1.5 liters of water and .5 liters of wine (hey, it is still liquid/ fluid whatever)
  95. Set a date with your waxing technician. She misses you.
  96. Reminisce the 90’s kid in you and blast a 90’s playlist.
  97. Get a haircut or color your hair. But nothing too crazy. Your parents may not be able to recognize you.
  98. Belt out Adele’s entire album, in tears, preferably while using a remote as a microphone.
  99. Sort through all the photos in your phone.
  100. Save the worthy ones and delete his effin face. Even if it is a picture of you two.
  101. Go to the grocery you’ve never been to, grab a cart and shop till you drop.
  102. Then leave the cart. I bet you don’t want to pay for some of the useless stuff you carted.
  103. Waste time on Pinterest.
  104. Make a break up playlist.
  105. And a strong independent woman playlist.
  106. Accept the fact that it is over.
  107. Spend an entire day watching Law and Order SVU. Nothing mends a broken heart like watching Olivia Benson catch bad guys.
  108. Write down all the reasons you can’t stand him. It sounds childish but it’s important to not idealize the relationship.
  109. And while at it, write “who he is” vs. “what he isn’t”.
  110. Pluck your eyebrows because threading them all together makes you cry.
  111. Fill out random surveys online.
  112. Invest in a new bra, because your boobs deserve it.
  113. Learn at least one of Britney Spear’s choreography.
  114. Dye your hair. Please use washable dyes.
  115. Go bowling.
  116. Your computer probably has updates you’ve been avoiding for weeks too.
  117. And download a new antivirus. I hope there is one IRL.
  118. Start baking.
  119. But first, buy that mini oven you’ve been eyeing for months now.
  120. Clean out the “downloads” folder.
  121. Pull out all your nursing books and do some reviewing.
  122. And attend some nursing seminars or conventions.
  123. Go pet the stray cats near the garbage bin. Please do this only when you’ve done every single line above and it still fails.

3 thoughts on “123 Things To Do When You Feel Like Chatting Him Up

  1. Jack Ó'lantern says:

    This is actually a pretty good list of distraction. But I will list ones that I find the best!
    Reminders even if they make you angry is a great way to really let it sink in. I’ve done this before even if you can’t find anything to be angry about just pick one small thing.
    Like “look at that Freckle on his nose.. I hate that freckle” as silly as it sounds. It works!

    I agree with this one because most likely you were talking to him or her and have memories wile you have it.

    “85. No, don’t buy a gallon of ice cream and drown in it. You’ll get Diabetes.”
    This one made me laugh! And it’s so true! XD

    78. PLANTS! there like pets but less Interactive and no mess!

    64. Maybe I’m a geek but I do like my hard drive to be nice makes me feel good… now if I could get my room clean..

    Since I live in Colorado this is probably the best place to do that and I love it I haven’t been in a while though.

    Although I never have rearranged my wardrobe or bought new things when I was trying to get over someone it sounds like it would be a really good idea new you new clothes new everything.

    8. Date yourself! yes I do definitely agree with this!

    9. Sleep this is the most important! That’s fine when I do sleep recovery times a lot better although I usually just end up waking up and having extra time to think about the person I’m trying to forget about which does suck but sleep does help the body


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