That Little Voice


It is truly hilarious that men more often than not think that we don’t know; that we are clueless.

Like when they stop sending text messages and calling as much. When suddenly they just fell off the face of the planet, or even when they gradually ever so subtle start to pull back. We know. Even when we don’t want to admit or accept it, we know what it means.

It may be so modest of withdrawal of time and attention and sometimes, even their less of affection, we as a woman feel it. And as woman, nothing truly gets passed us by. We’ve dealt with this BS a thousand times in the past. We know that it is not just a “busy day at work or school.” We know that you did not leave your phone wherever you say you left it.” We know that it is not “I am doing a lot of things”, nor “I have a lot on my mind right now.” We know.

We know that there is another woman on the receiving end of your calls and messages; of all your time and attention and perhaps even your affection. We know when we are being ghosted on. We know when the efforts and energy and devotion is being deviated from us to someone else regardless of how subtle it is done. We know.

It is amusing how men think we don’t know.

But we do, WE KNOW. Always have, always will.

We may have let you off the hook couple of times or chose to look the other way, or even let it go but we KNOW and usually we choose to not let you know that we know.

It only appears that we don’t but trust us when we say; WE KNOW.

We, as women nothing gets by us especially a man who is on his way out of our lives.


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