28th Birthday

As I about to leave my 27th year of existence and welcome my 28th, I would love to say a few words. First, I want to thank God for giving me another year in this lifetime; for providing me another chance, for awarding me a clean slate to start fresh; a blank page, another chapter in life. A lot has happened the past year, some where good while others where life changing and endless lessons meant to learned from.

Last year, I celebrated my birthday with several parties together with my friends and family but this year, I decided to celebrate it by hearing a mass, a visit to my sister’s grave and a lunch with someone special – or used to be special and perhaps a quick trip to the gym. My family since it was a work day decided to celebrate my birthday on weekend instead so few errands are enough for me.

There were few people who asked me what gift I want to receive on my special day and honestly I cannot think of anything pertinent on that day. I just want a peace of mind, positive energy and happiness. Those I think are what I really needed to get a grip on what is about to happen in my life for this new season.


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