A New Beginning

We are about to celebrate a new year six days from now and so I have given so much thought about how this year – 2015 went for me. Quite honestly, it was a bountiful of ups and downs which I believe that most people endured as well.

2015 wasn’t all that bad; that is what I want to believe in. My birthday falls on January so it is something I always look forward to. So how was 2015 for me;

1. I celebrated my first year anniversary with my last job.

2. I dated someone during my birthday month so it was fun. I got to celebrate my birthday with someone special.

3. I took three domestic trips solo; Davao City, Baguio and Sagada.

4. It was my first time to visit Sagada in the northern province in the Philippines to somehow mend my broken heart and God was too good to me that I got to meet three wonderful people whom eventually became my friends.

5. I resigned from my last job.

6. I have loved and lost.

7. I am fully committed going to the gym.

8. I reunited with my high school and graduate school friends.

9. I met new people who became good friends.

10. I have given an old flame the closure he deserved.

11. I went caving for the first time!

12. I finally moved out from my parent’s home and live on my own.

13. I’ve finally decided to let go and move on.

This year I hit rock bottom, I had an earth shattering blow in my life that I thought I can never pull myself out of but I was wrong. This coming year helps me to strengthen my faith that I have another shot at a new beginning, a fresh start, a clean slate. I’ve done so many things this year that I never thought I could have ever done in my life but I did. There were several times when I was so weak and became vulnerable to bad habits among other things. I lost myself and acknowledged the fact that I have to find myself again that I’ve lost during those moments of weakness. This new year provides me a chance to begin again and to never stop living the life that I have always wanted for myself.

As the new year approaches, I am slowly pushing myself to open up and to take chances, to take risks, and to never stop believing in myself.

I shed a river of tears this 2015 but I am also blessed to have tons of laughter as well. It was never a perfect year but it taught me a lot which I promised myself I will use to become a better version of me in 2016.

Sometimes in life, we are given challenges, trials and difficulties to shake us up not to become coward but rather to help us be stronger, to learn from our mistakes and most especially to empower our very core to keep on fighting for whatever we believe in. We design our own life and no one else.


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