Sagada: Sagada Brew

After our bonfire and roasting of marshmallows we decided to head back to the town center to grab something to eat. I have been checking online reviews of Sagada Brew and I’ve read a number of positive reviews hence I want to give it a try. I asked my new-found friends if they want to try it and they agreed.

From the town center, Sagada Brew is about 10 minutes or so walk downhill depending on your pacing. It was past 7 in the evening and it was quite dark as Demi and I walk down the road. I noticed at this time that there are very few street lights in Sagada.

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Upon reaching our destination I noticed that it was pretty deserted. There was a couple checking their menu but ultimately decided to eat some place else and so we have the whole place to ourselves. Since Demi needed to recharge her phone, we sat somewhere near a socket (they don’t charge extra fees for this). The place is a typical restaurant nothing really fancy about it. What I do not like at the time we visited is the huge mosquitoes roaming around which scared the hell out of me because I was diagnosed with Dengue twice and I do not want to go through that again. I guess the server noticed how irritated I was that he lit a mosquito coil and placed it under our table (which didn’t help that much). Perhaps it is because of their open windows which let the cool breeze in.

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We were handed with the menu and after a while we were able to choose which food we individually want to try. Like most restaurants in Sagada, meals here costs Php 150.00 and above.

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Our Food:


Demi and Marvin chose Sagada Brew Pasta (Php 150.00) and according to them it is delicious and tasty. The dried fish complemented well with the other ingredients.


Lyn chose Sausage, Beans, Toast and Eggs (Php 150.00) which for her tastes fine but she particularly enjoyed the sausage which was savory.


I chose Beef Caldereta (Php 200.00) since it is my favorite. I like how generous their serving was. The salad tastes really good and fresh. The beef in caldereta is very tender and flavorful. I wish it is spicier than it was but I am satisfied with it anyway.

Overall, the cost of food is satisfactory given how huge their servings are. Demi and I wanted to try their Lava Cake but both of us were full already. I guess if in the future I’d go back to Sagada this restaurant is worth coming back to.

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