Sagada: Sagada Pottery

On our way to Lake Danum we told our driver to stop by at the Sagada Pottery house to make a quick tour. This is my first time to see a pottery house and so I do not know what to expect except of course for hand-made pots and whatnot I guess. Perhaps you could do this if you plan to visit Lake Danum as well.

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Inside the small house we were greeted by Manang Siegrid who actually creates the handmade things inside. She asked if we wanted to be taught how to make a small jar for Php 100.00 (which can be divided among the group) and since the price is a steal we decided to go with it.

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She started with a brief history on how the pottery house in Sagada started and went on and showed us how to do it.


After the demonstration, she then asked if we want to try it for another Php 100.00/person. Since all of us do not want to get our hands dirty (yup! that was all our reason and it is pretty lame) we let the chance pass.

5 18 17 16 8 7

They also have a small store upfront selling different items they have created there and it is way inexpensive compared (of course) to those being sold here in the Metro. I wanted to buy a mug for coffee since I love coffee however since I am on a tight budget and with a little side trip to Baguio City in mind, I decided not to buy one (the mug I wanted costs Php 800.00)


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