Sagada: Sagada Pines

After indulging to a sumptuous meal at Kimchi Restaurant, we decided to check out the next door reggae bar for some drinks. It is a regular bar with one of a kind ambiance.


A side of this bar is laid out with different pictures, identification cards, expired credit cards, ATMs and licenses, letters, old local and foreign bills, a live birth certificate, police clearance, drawings, old cassette tapes, empty liquor bottles and a whole lot more. The other side has different tarpaulins, posters of quotes among other things.

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It was actually an interesting sight while sipping alcoholic beverage in the very cold weather in Sagada.

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They only offer few drinks on their bar list. Also, this bar closes at around 1:00 AM.


For those who “needs” it =)


I only had two rum cola for I still have to wake up early the next day for our trip to Mt. Kiltepan. It isn’t exactly like the bars we have in Metro Manila but the reggae and rare surroundings.


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