Sagada: Lake Danum

After watching sunset at Mt. Kiltepan I thought that the better way to end the day is to watch sunset at Lake Danum. Demi and I were scheduled to go there at around 4:30 in the afternoon but to my dismay it rained hence the lesser chance of seeing the sunset but we still decided to go with it.

We were hoping that there are other people who will join us so we can split the cost. One trip costs Php 500.00 and can be divided among the group joining that trip with the maximum of 10 people. We spotted a couple and Demi asked them if they want to join but they refused because they plan to go there tomorrow. Luckily they had a change of heart after they went out and eat and decided to join us which lessened the cost.

Before heading to Lake Danum, we asked our driver if we could drop by to check the Sagada Pottery to which he agreed. After Sagada Pottery house we then went and head to the lake but we still made another stop wherein our driver asked if we wanted to buy some food and alcoholic drinks but we all didn’t want to drink so we passed by the store.

Our ride went to a full stop and the driver got off and told us we are here. I was surprised because I couldn’t see anything, apparently, the mist is covering the whole lake and the only thing I can see are few locals drinking which perhaps because of the cool breeze. While we were patiently waiting to see the lake, we took several pictures and the driver and his assistant started to collect woods for bonfire. Our driver was kind enough to buy a pack of marshmallows for us to roast. I like the idea of roasting marshmallows but eating them is another thing because I don’t have a sweet tooth.


After a few more minutes we were able to see the lake though it is not as beautiful as the ones I saw online because it recently rained though it was still worth my time. We chatted and laughed and when we were all satisfied we decided to go back to town and have dinner.

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It wasn’t exactly how I pictured it but I am happy that I met new friends along the way and share the landscape of muddy grassy and the lake that is not so clear. It was the gaining new friends that mattered to me which wouldn’t happen if Demi and I decided to back out of the trip.

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So if your plan is to see the sunset, make sure to check weather forecast first or if before departure from the town center it rained, then there is less probability you’ll see the dawn of the sun.

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