Day 3: Describe a moment or a day when being single was really awesome.

Day 3

It is a bit hard for me to just be given a single day or moment when being single is awesome because there are countless number of reasons why I find being single breathtaking.

1. My time is spent entirely to myself and I can spend it however and with whoever I want without having the responsibility to tell or inform anyone.

2. I can do zumba in my living room even while in my pajamas.

3. I can savor the whole space of my bed.

4. I can be with my friends whenever we decided to chat or hangout on impulse.

5. I can eat any time I want. In addition, I do not have to cook for anyone but myself so if I get lazy to prepare my dinner, I can just eat cereals.

6. Binge-watch an entire season of a television series of my choice.

7. I can keep whatever kind booze in the house and take a sip whenever I feel like doing so.

8. Sex is never a routine.

9. No need to do anyone’s laundry other than my own.

10. I clean my house when I want to and because I was told to do.

11. I can wear my deep V-neck with no bra out like Amy Adams in American Hustle and there’s no boyfriend to stop me.

12. I can take long baths without someone knocking on my bathroom door asking me “are you done?”

13. I don’t have to argue nor worry about drama or random, stupid fights.with a significant other.

14. I can wake up at whatever time since I do not have to prepare breakfast for anyone.

15. I can go out on several dates.

16. I don’t have to conform to anyone’s standards.

17. I can check out other guys. Flirt guilt-free!

18. I can travel on an impulse without having to inform or explain to anyone other than my family.

19. My grocery list comprises of everything that I want.

20. I can focus more on my writing.

21. I can sleep at whatever time I want.

22. I can make get myself all dolled up without someone thinking that I want to get other guys’ attention.

23. Personal grooming is optional, because I don’t have to impress anyone.

24. I don’t need to do dishes or even have dishes to wash because the pizza box is my plate and the wine bottle is my glass.

25. I can wear unflattering underwear and nothing else.

26. Instead of spending money on surprise gifts or dates, I can save it for more important things like sandwiches and coffee.

Being in a relationship is great but so as being single. I would rather choose the latter than be in a dead-end relationship. Being single means that I am committed to only one person who I know I can and will forever rely on and that is myself. The best part of this is that I get to spend time with and learn to love myself for who I really am thus helping me become stronger, better and more attractive individual.



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