Sagada: Echo Valley and The Hanging Coffins


One of the must visit in Sagada is Echo Valley and The Hanging Coffins however for me I prefer the former since I don’t find the latter to be that attractive though I did listen to my local tour guide explaining the history of the hanging coffins.

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To get to Echo Valley and the hanging coffins, you’ll need to walk past St. Mary’s Cathedral which was built by the American Angelican missionaries during the last century. You will then cross a cemetery wherein many Sagadans despite their earlier practice of hanging coffins prefers to be buried in this cemetery. After crossing the cemetery, you will still have to trek about couple of minutes depending on your pace and before you know it you’ll find yourself standing in front of the Echo Valley wherein my local tour guide told me that I can now yell. It was a breathtaking view but I didn’t yell. My friend on the other hand did and she seemed satisfied with it. We got the whole place to ourselves hence shouting at the top of your lungs will be less embarrassing though I prefered to pray silently.


Demi yelling =)


Hanging Coffins


View from top


View while trekking


Trek downhill to get a closer view of the Hanging Coffins


This is the highlight! Demi shouting while I listen to the echo of her voice


To get to the Hanging Coffins, one has to trek downhill to get a closer view of the coffins. I wasn’t interested so it was just Demi and the tour guide who trekked down. I  also chose to remain at the Echo Valley because I wasn’t done with reflecting (as this is actually my goal in going to this place as well).

Guide Fee: 200.00 (can be divided among a group)

Estimated Time Needed: 1-1.5 hours

Fitness Level: Low

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