Day 2: Describe a moment or a day when being single really sucked.

Day 2

There are pros and cons on both being in a relationship and being single. There are some people who are in a relationship who wants a hall pass even for a day while some single ones desires to be in a relationship. I guess that’s life. We sometimes want what we do not or cannot have.

I recently became single when my relationship with a guy I believed to be the one ended. That’s when I felt how some moments sucked while I am at this stage again. There are things or activities in this world wherein you want to share it with someone special. I guess for me, even though I am comfortable traveling solo, there are still those days when I want to be with someone to share incredible experiences a different place can offer. There are also times when you just want to be held by and talk with someone.

Even though I miss him still I think that this is one of the best gifts I’ve ever given myself and that is letting him go and finally moving on. Though I know I still do love him, pushing myself further and forcing myself to him will only hurt me and that is something that I cannot do to myself. I love myself enough to walk away. Definitely, there will be days when being will suck but I would rather choose to be one than let myself be miserable in a relationship that will lead to nowhere and will fundamentally hinder me from meeting the real one who is meant for me.


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