Sagada: Watch Sunrise at Mt. Kiltepan

This is the much awaited highlight in my journey to Sagada. I have always been fascinated with sunrise and sunset but mostly on sunrise because I believe that this gives a fresh start, a new beginning, a way to start over. I could have watched sunrise from where I am living but it felt it would be different if I am some place else. Away from everything that hinders me from being truly happy and more importantly to get closer to myself and know and accept myself better and knowing what my life would be. I wanted to leave in Sagada all the pain that I was feeling when I decided to hop in on that bus. There are some people who say that one needs to face their problem instead of running away from it and perhaps they are right but to me it is not running away from it, rather, training myself to become better and stronger so I could face reality in a much more positive way.

It was supposed to be only me and Demi during the ride to Mt. Kiltepan, however I met a woman who is wished to see the sunrise as well so I asked her if she and her friend want to join us (to save on the cost of the shuttle which is Php 500.00) and they agreed.

We met at around 4:30 in the morning in front of the Tourist Office where our ride is waiting for us. It took about 20 freezing minutes to get to our drop off point and walk towards the viewing area.



It was still early and I noticed that there are few people who are already there waiting for the sunrise as well. I have seen pictures online of people waiting for the sunrise in Mt. Kiltepan and they are crowded. I was lucky enough that at the time I went there, there isn’t that much of people around. Demi and I decided to grab some coffee because of the cold climate in Mt. Kiltepan. There is only one store there which sells coffee, tea, hot chocolate and cup noodles.



While waiting for the sunrise I took several pictures and said a prayer.

6 5 7

No one is more than eager to see the sunrise other than me perhaps because of what I have been going through.


10 9

Few people decided to walk down to have a better glimpse and feel of being beside the clouds. I decided to remain at the upper area because I know I will get a better view here of the sunrise compared going down. And I was right.

11 12

13 14 15 16

It was breathtaking! It did not took away all the pain but it lessened the burden and I saw myself smiling and laughing again – the real deal and not under false pretense. I found new hope that I thought I have completely lost. Now, I firmly believe that everyone gets a shot at a silver lining.



One doesn’t need to have an aching heart to go and enjoy the sunrise in Mt. Kiltepan, I’ve seen several groups of family and friends eagerly waiting for the sunrise as well and I’ve noticed how much they adored the sunlight thus they have been taking pictures non stop to capture such moment. However, if you feel like reflecting then this is a great place to start it. After sunrise people will start leaving Mt. Kiltepan which will give you all the space you need to meditate.


sign 7_zpsidxvc1xd


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