Day 1: Your response to everyone’s favorite question: “And why are YOU still single?”


Few weeks ago I and my then boyfriend broke things up between us for so many reasons hence I could rephrase the question with “why are you single?”. Removing the word “still” since our relationship recently ended.

I kept on thinking of what I could have done to make things work between us and after providing a distance for myself, traveling to some place to help me reflect and feel the pain and sadness of losing someone I realized that this perhaps is God’s way of telling me that this isn’t the time yet.

I believe that I was ready to be in a relationship, to fully commit myself to someone because I know I am complete on my own but regardless of how much I felt that way, a relationship will still not work if the other is not complete with his self.

It feels great knowing that one is capable of loving someone truly and being loved by someone back is just as magnificent. However, if it is not yet the time, or if it is not the right person then I would rather be single than stress and push myself to someone who is not meant for me.

Forcing yourself with the wrong person or even with the right person but at the wrong time will never do any good to neither of you. Both of you will hurt each other and the worst thing that could happen is either or both of you will resent it. This I learned in a difficult way. I strained myself, worked hard, changed myself so our relationship will work but it did not.

This is the hardest thing anyone has to deal with but with strong faith in God, absolutely believing in His time and in His desire will help you get over this obstacle.

Amidst this time of being single again, I would fully embrace the beautiful uncertainty while I am at this moment. Before, I have chosen to stay single for quite sometime so I can focus on myself better. Today, I am choosing to be single again not only to concentrate on myself but more importantly for the reason that I am not going to settle down for anything less than what I genuinely deserve.

sign 7_zpsidxvc1xd


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