Sagada: Tips to Consider or Remember

Dining Tips:

  1. Average price of food in restaurants are Php 130.00 to Php 200.00 per meal.
  2. Average price of food in carinderia is about Php 90.00 per meal.
  3. Be sure to have enough cash on hand since almost all the restaurants we dined in do not accept credit cards or debit cards. They do not have EPS system (as of September 2015).
  4. There is an ATM machine at the tourist office however I forgot which bank it was but definitely not BDO or BPI or Metrobank.
  5. The meals in restaurants are cooked only when ordered so be patient while waiting for the food to be served. Roughly about 10-20 minutes waiting time.
  6. Some food on the menu may not available especially during peak season.
  7. Since meals are expensive in Sagada, I would advice to eat two meals in a day (brunch and dinner) which I did and saved me money unless you have a lot to spare. There are a lot of restaurants in Sagada.
  8. If you must eat breakfast and lunch separately, there are street vendors who sells bread, Sagada oranges, kakanin and instant coffee for a cheaper price along the town center.
  9. Mineral water are expensive so to save on cost bring your own bottle and refill it when you are in restaurants or in your inn. In my case since I get an upset stomach to some water I bought mineral water most of the time which I would rather choose than spend my time in my room with a stomach ache. My friend drank water from some restaurants and she was just fine.
  10. Alcoholic beverages; beers and rum cola costs at around Php 60.00/bottle/glass.
  11. Restaurants in Sagada closes earlier than those in Manila. They usually closes at around 8:00 – 9:00 in the evening.
  12. Some restaurants requires reservations but we did not get to try this since it was not peak season when  visited Sagada.
Tour Fees

Tour Fees

Tour Tips:

  1. Most of the tourist attraction needs a tour guide. According to the woman in the tourist office it is a must since one will not be allowed to enter the premises such as Sumaguing Cave without a local tour guide.
  2. The tour fees can be divided among the group, however in my case since I was a solo backpacker it would be a pain in my pocket to bear all the costs of all the places I want to visit. Good thing I have Demi with me though it would still be expensive so given a chance, I would randomly ask people who stays in the inn from where I am staying if they will visit a tourist spot and if they want to join me and Demi to cut the costs. I made four new friends aside from Demi by doing this! So be friendly but still cautious!
  3. Never leave Sagada without spelunking Sumaguing Cave. I have two highlights in this adventure but this definitely is the most challenging but very fulfilling one.
  4. The mode of transportation is very limited and are for hire. So prepare your legs and feet for non stop walking and hiking.
  5. Three days and two nights are not actually enough to fully cover every tourist spots in Sagada so before going up North, do a thorough online research and make a list of the things you want to do or see. This will let you come up with a better itinerary and better time management.

As of September 2015

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