Sagada: Sagada Lemon Pie House

I along with Demi decided to have lunch here in the Lemon Pie House on our last day in Sagada. It is located far down the road away from the town’s center. It took about 5-10 minutes walk from the center.


Facade of Sagada Lemon Pie House

They only have the first floor of their house that is open to customers. I assumed it is also their house since the stairs going to the second floor is behind the counter. I wasn’t able to talk with the server about the place because she seemed to do everything; from handing us the menu, to taking the orders, to preparing and serving the orders, to being a cashier, and to cleaning up after the customers left. She’s a busy woman I guess.


I like the environment inside and outside. Before entering the restaurant, you need to remove your shoes/slippers and leave it outside. They have this chinese style of dining wherein one may sit on a pillow on the floor or choose to sit on small chairs. I opted to sit in a small wooden chair instead since I noticed that my feet are a bit dirty after walking around the restaurant I wish that they would regularly mop their floor.



I was a bit disappointed that their menu is limited to only a number of dishes. I should have checked their online menu first. I then went on and check their pies instead and to my dismay the only available pie is their lemon pie. I am not fond of sour taste but since I am at the Lemon Pie House I had to try it.


As of September 2015


The lemon pie is actually good. The lemon in this pie complemented the sweetness of the other ingredients. The crust is crunchy just fine. Demi loved it too much that she ate two slices of it. You may order a box of it for only Php 200.00. According to the server, the lemon pie can stand four days without having to be placed inside the refrigerator.

5 6

Overall, I would only perhaps go back here to buy pasalubong for my family and friends in Manila. Some people say that their breakfast is a must try but I haven’t tried it so I cannot say the same. Try their lemon pie if you are into it. It is worth a try.

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