Sagada: Isabelo’s Inn and Cafe

Isabelo's Inn

Isabelo’s Inn

Few days before my trip I called several inns in Sagada looking for the most budget friendly inn. I am not into spending a lot for a lavish inn since I will not be spending most of my time in the room. There are no hotels in Sagada yet but there are a lot of inns and lodges to choose from. I chose Isabelo’s Inn because of its positive reviews in Tripadvisor and I was really satisfied with it.



Dining Area and Living Room

Dining Area and Living Room


It has two floors; first floor is where you can find the reception, small living room with cable TV and their dining area. You may order food here. We were to have lunch here on our first day but the owner said that their cook is on vacation and she has her hands full with her kids. They can however serve breakfast the next day. On the second floor is where all the rooms are located. They only have 2 economy rooms for Php 300.00/night with common bathroom and both where still booked when I arrived. I already made a reservation in case one of those rooms will be vacated prior to leaving Manila but sadly it was still booked. The owner was kind enough to let me stay on their deluxe room for Php 350.00/night. It has 1 queen size bed and 1 single size bed. I opted for the single size bed. It has a small closet and table and chair and everything is made of wood. Nothing fancy but comfortable enough to spend 2 nights and more importantly safe for me.


Room number 8


Other rooms/Hallway


I had my own comfort room located outside the room hence I was given 2 keys; one for the room and the other is for the comfort room. I did not mind it since I am staying in a room that is priced way beyond what I am paying. It was initially offered to me for Php 500.00/night but my good haggling skills made a way for me. The inn is very clean and well maintained. They have a common area where you can chat with other solo backpackers or tourists and they have a small collection of books and magazines you can read. They have two verandas wherein you can hang wet clothes or smoke or gaze at the moon at night provided that you can withstand the coldness outside.


Overall, I am highly contented with this inn. If in the future I decide to go back to Sagada I would definitely stay here again. The staff warmly welcomed me and are very accomodating. They provided me with towel however you need to bring your own toiletries. In addition, the water pressure in their shower (at least for the comfort room number 8 which came along with the room I was assigned to) is not that strong but it is not bad at all. I do not have any complaints with the room considering the amount I am paying for. I actually got so much out of the price I paid for. So this inn is definitely worth a steal.

In addition, bottled water here are a bit pricey for me (doubled price compared when bought in supermarket) if you are a heavy water drinker like me I suggest that you bring your own.

Price: Php 350.00/night (this depends on the room and number of pax).

Locaton: At the town center, adjacent to the tourist office and about a minute or so from the bus stop and at the back of the Municipal Hall.

Contact Number: +639262574861 (As of September 2015)

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