Day 7: Where you are in your life vs. where you thought you would be at this point

Day 7 (2)

Where you are in your life vs. where you thought you would be at this point

At the moment, I live alone in my condominium, have recently broken up with a guy I thought was “the one”, currently mending a shattered heart, jobless by choice since I decided to take a brief break from nursing, have full-time writing, planning and actually doing traveling to domestic places I love to visit, was able to commit going to the gym even though I would see that ex boyfriend, been catching up with friends, constantly reminding my parents I love them, reading lots of books, was able to watch missed TV series, I am trying to learn how to dance or just dance in my condo in my PJs.

Vs. Where I thought I would be at this point;

In my utmost honesty, I thought that at this time I would be married and perhaps, with God’s grace would be expecting a little bundle of joy and own a dog or two. Have a stable job that I actually want, working on a book I have been dying to do for years, living in a loft with my husband, planning family trips, and was able to learn how to be a great cook and have established a better blog.

Even though I am not exactly where I thought I’d be at this time, I am glad that I am where I am right now. Because it only meant that I am living my life, getting stronger every single day so I can prepare myself better for the future I have been dreaming.

I am fully aware that I am unmarried, and childless and doesn’t even have a real job at this time. I am also aware that each day I am getting older and in less than three months I would be turning twenty-eight. I am aware that my biological clock is ticking so loud I can hear it pounding against my ears. I am aware that I am not following the timetable of my parents, or my cousins, or my friends.

But instead of feeling sorry, and messed up and damaged, I am savoring the freedom, the bountiful of blessings, the infinite possibilities that the universe has to offer at this stage of my life. Being where I am right now opened doors to an absurd, magical and exhilarating beauty of uncertainty.

I have full trust in God’s timing and I believe that He knows when the time is right for me not only with settling down but in every aspect of my life. I believe that God knows when I am ready to take a new responsibility, a new chapter in my own story. I am learning, I am growing, and (even with a crippled heart) I am happy and that at this point is what matters the most.

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Sagada: Sagada Brew

After our bonfire and roasting of marshmallows we decided to head back to the town center to grab something to eat. I have been checking online reviews of Sagada Brew and I’ve read a number of positive reviews hence I want to give it a try. I asked my new-found friends if they want to try it and they agreed.

From the town center, Sagada Brew is about 10 minutes or so walk downhill depending on your pacing. It was past 7 in the evening and it was quite dark as Demi and I walk down the road. I noticed at this time that there are very few street lights in Sagada.

1 2

Upon reaching our destination I noticed that it was pretty deserted. There was a couple checking their menu but ultimately decided to eat some place else and so we have the whole place to ourselves. Since Demi needed to recharge her phone, we sat somewhere near a socket (they don’t charge extra fees for this). The place is a typical restaurant nothing really fancy about it. What I do not like at the time we visited is the huge mosquitoes roaming around which scared the hell out of me because I was diagnosed with Dengue twice and I do not want to go through that again. I guess the server noticed how irritated I was that he lit a mosquito coil and placed it under our table (which didn’t help that much). Perhaps it is because of their open windows which let the cool breeze in.

9 10 11 12 13

We were handed with the menu and after a while we were able to choose which food we individually want to try. Like most restaurants in Sagada, meals here costs Php 150.00 and above.

8 (2)  4 5  

Our Food:


Demi and Marvin chose Sagada Brew Pasta (Php 150.00) and according to them it is delicious and tasty. The dried fish complemented well with the other ingredients.


Lyn chose Sausage, Beans, Toast and Eggs (Php 150.00) which for her tastes fine but she particularly enjoyed the sausage which was savory.


I chose Beef Caldereta (Php 200.00) since it is my favorite. I like how generous their serving was. The salad tastes really good and fresh. The beef in caldereta is very tender and flavorful. I wish it is spicier than it was but I am satisfied with it anyway.

Overall, the cost of food is satisfactory given how huge their servings are. Demi and I wanted to try their Lava Cake but both of us were full already. I guess if in the future I’d go back to Sagada this restaurant is worth coming back to.

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Day 6: Sound off on the quote “Every woman has the exact love life she wants”

Day 6

Sound off on the quote “Every woman has the exact love life she wants”

For hours I have been thinking about what to write with that quote. Is it really possible that I chose to be single at this moment in my life and that it just didn’t happen to me? And my answer is YES.

I recently came from a relationship that lead to nowhere – all those times of not only happiness but full of painful and exhausting and earth shattering occasions as well. I haven’t fully moved on from him because I know that deep in my heart I still do love him but I cannot be in a relationship with him – perhaps not at this time. Because even though I love him, I also love myself and being or forcing myself into such relationship is a huge blow to my dignity and self-esteem which I have placed a higher value on.

So I could honestly say that I CHOSE to be single and I am loving every minute of it. Yes, I gave myself time to grieve and mourn a loss of someone I truly love but it wasn’t that bad at all and to prove that…

I like my life right now. No drama, no arguments and disagreements. I like how I spend my time. I can stay up late at night, sleep whenever I feel doing and wake up the next day at any time I want. I like my own alarm clock setting and I can hit the snooze button if I feel still sleepy. I like the peaceful and quiet habitat. I like that I have a whole bed to myself and I can do any sleeping positions across my bed without having to worry if someone isn’t having enough space or that I can use the empty side of my bed for my books or my laptop.

I like that I have full control of the temperature of any room in the house especially in the room. I like that I do not have to listen to someone snoring as I sleep (this especially). I like that if I wake up at the middle of the night and want to eat chips in bed, I can and wouldn’t wake up anyone in the process of doing so. I like that I can take a bath for as long as I want without anyone knocking on the door hurrying me to finish. I like that my USB connected to my TV is filled with reruns of How I Met Your Mother, The Flash, 2 Broke Girls, How To Get Away With Murder and Scandal rather than basketball or movies someone else likes.

I like that my closet is filled with my clothes and shoes and nothing in there is owned by another person. I like that the only clothes I launder is mine alone.

I like that I don’t have to wait up for anyone at home. I like that I can eat pizza for breakfast and oatmeal for dinner and I can switch them up if I feel like it. I like that I am not obligated to cook meals for breakfast and dinner for anyone and I can just order take out or that I can skip a meal if I feel too lazy.

I like having my own vacation time. I like being able to act on impulse and go somewhere I want to be at without having to inform anyone nor ask permission to. I like that I am only thinking and planning for one. I like that my cupboard is filled with the foods that I like. I like that my whole couch is reserved only for me.

I like that I can spend time at the balcony, sipping coffee at night gazing at the stars and the moon. I like that I can talk to God for hours without anyone constantly asking me what I was thinking. I like that God is the only entity I consult with major decisions in my life (and even minor ones). I like that I can spend time with my friends without someone keeping tabs on me.

Maybe someday all these will change. Perhaps one day I don’t want to be single anymore and that I want to be in love again and perhaps singleness wouldn’t want me anymore but for the time being, at this moment, I want it and I am choosing it.

So I believe that I chose my life and it did not choose me.

Day 5: The Biggest Misconception You Think People Have About Single Life

30 days 13

The biggest misconception you think people have about single life…

There are several misconceptions that people has with the single women but I think there is one delusion people mostly think about having the single life and that is, it is lonely being alone and I believe otherwise.

The boy (yes I am calling him that) who recently broke my heart, while we were dating, he asked me what I usually do for fun and I said I travel. He asked with who and I replied that sometimes with family or friends and often alone. He said that it must be lonesome and I said not really; alone but not lonely. I told him that I do a lot of things unaccompanied because it is satisfying and I find pleasure allocating time to be with myself. He also thinks that just because I am too happy on my own because I am celebrating my independence, that my life isn’t really happy.

There is another instance when choosing to be solo is sad. When my mom asked my cousin if she could let me join their little group going to Boracay in the Philippines because she thinks I am lonely just because I chose to spend time for myself exploring Davao City, Philippines and indulging in the alluring beauty of Samal Island by myself even if I have cousins in that city…

You see, when you get comfortable with YOUR OWN SKIN, spending time alone is very empowering and will never necessarily mean that you are lonely. There are women who chose to be single rather than be with the wrong person or be at a dead-end and excruciating and destructive relationship. Who would want that?

Some people thinks that when you are past a certain age and still single, there is something terribly wrong with you. Does it really have to mean that just because a woman is unattached and unmarried that something is wrong with her?

In my heart of hearts, I believe that each and every single one of us; single and married or even in a relationship are tragically flawed in our own unique ways. So having a woman question her very worth and value and character just because she is single is very erroneous, shameful and damaging. So why can’t we let the single women be and let the married people be. We are all free to do and experience our own unique pursuit of happiness both in life and love. Perhaps for you it is three kids and a residence in an exclusive village and maybe for me it is three dogs and a condominium unit in the city. This doesn’t make you right and me wrong or more importantly you being better and me being worse. This only means that we are different.

And being different is fine. Actually, being distinct is freeing and empowering.  It is time for us – single women to be proud of the choice we made and that is to be single until we are settled and content in our own skin and are ready to invite “the one” into our lives. When I was a kid I always tell my mom that whenever she buys me a Barbie doll that she also needs to buy me a Ken doll because I used to believe that the Ken doll will build her a house and buy her a car. That time, that generation has passed. Isn’t it time for the single women to step out and shine on their own and to build the life that she really wants and dreams for herself and only then decide if she desires to invite her very own Ken to join her in it?

I chose to be single rather than force myself to someone or something that is NOT MEANT for me. I am taking this time to celebrate my singleness the way I aspire to without being sorry and ashamed for it.

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Sagada: Sagada Pottery

On our way to Lake Danum we told our driver to stop by at the Sagada Pottery house to make a quick tour. This is my first time to see a pottery house and so I do not know what to expect except of course for hand-made pots and whatnot I guess. Perhaps you could do this if you plan to visit Lake Danum as well.

1 2

Inside the small house we were greeted by Manang Siegrid who actually creates the handmade things inside. She asked if we wanted to be taught how to make a small jar for Php 100.00 (which can be divided among the group) and since the price is a steal we decided to go with it.

3 21 19 4

She started with a brief history on how the pottery house in Sagada started and went on and showed us how to do it.


After the demonstration, she then asked if we want to try it for another Php 100.00/person. Since all of us do not want to get our hands dirty (yup! that was all our reason and it is pretty lame) we let the chance pass.

5 18 17 16 8 7

They also have a small store upfront selling different items they have created there and it is way inexpensive compared (of course) to those being sold here in the Metro. I wanted to buy a mug for coffee since I love coffee however since I am on a tight budget and with a little side trip to Baguio City in mind, I decided not to buy one (the mug I wanted costs Php 800.00)

Sagada: Sagada Pines

After indulging to a sumptuous meal at Kimchi Restaurant, we decided to check out the next door reggae bar for some drinks. It is a regular bar with one of a kind ambiance.


A side of this bar is laid out with different pictures, identification cards, expired credit cards, ATMs and licenses, letters, old local and foreign bills, a live birth certificate, police clearance, drawings, old cassette tapes, empty liquor bottles and a whole lot more. The other side has different tarpaulins, posters of quotes among other things.

2 3 6 12 11 10 9 87 13 14 18

It was actually an interesting sight while sipping alcoholic beverage in the very cold weather in Sagada.

17 1516

They only offer few drinks on their bar list. Also, this bar closes at around 1:00 AM.


For those who “needs” it =)


I only had two rum cola for I still have to wake up early the next day for our trip to Mt. Kiltepan. It isn’t exactly like the bars we have in Metro Manila but the reggae and rare surroundings.

Sagada: Lake Danum

After watching sunset at Mt. Kiltepan I thought that the better way to end the day is to watch sunset at Lake Danum. Demi and I were scheduled to go there at around 4:30 in the afternoon but to my dismay it rained hence the lesser chance of seeing the sunset but we still decided to go with it.

We were hoping that there are other people who will join us so we can split the cost. One trip costs Php 500.00 and can be divided among the group joining that trip with the maximum of 10 people. We spotted a couple and Demi asked them if they want to join but they refused because they plan to go there tomorrow. Luckily they had a change of heart after they went out and eat and decided to join us which lessened the cost.

Before heading to Lake Danum, we asked our driver if we could drop by to check the Sagada Pottery to which he agreed. After Sagada Pottery house we then went and head to the lake but we still made another stop wherein our driver asked if we wanted to buy some food and alcoholic drinks but we all didn’t want to drink so we passed by the store.

Our ride went to a full stop and the driver got off and told us we are here. I was surprised because I couldn’t see anything, apparently, the mist is covering the whole lake and the only thing I can see are few locals drinking which perhaps because of the cool breeze. While we were patiently waiting to see the lake, we took several pictures and the driver and his assistant started to collect woods for bonfire. Our driver was kind enough to buy a pack of marshmallows for us to roast. I like the idea of roasting marshmallows but eating them is another thing because I don’t have a sweet tooth.


After a few more minutes we were able to see the lake though it is not as beautiful as the ones I saw online because it recently rained though it was still worth my time. We chatted and laughed and when we were all satisfied we decided to go back to town and have dinner.

2 3 14 10 11 12 13 15 16 4 17 18 19 5

It wasn’t exactly how I pictured it but I am happy that I met new friends along the way and share the landscape of muddy grassy and the lake that is not so clear. It was the gaining new friends that mattered to me which wouldn’t happen if Demi and I decided to back out of the trip.

22 21 20 17 6 8 23 24 25 28 27 26

So if your plan is to see the sunset, make sure to check weather forecast first or if before departure from the town center it rained, then there is less probability you’ll see the dawn of the sun.

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