I’ve had enough number of past relationships and never did I ever experience being betrayed. Nor having to ask someone to choose between me and another woman.

I never knew until now that damn it fucking hurts! Being betrayed and cheated on is the worst thing you can ever do to someone. I badly want to fight for the relationship because I know that deep down I really love this person but I do not honestly know if this love is enough for me to forget everything and move on.

The pain is real and is vibrating to every nerve in my body like I am some pinball machine. I wanted to shout and yell at him but the pain he caused me was more than enough that no energy is left within me.

A lot of my friends and relatives told me to let him choose between me and the other woman. Some told me to give it space and time. I am somewhere in between. And right now I am trying so hard to think things through clearly.

I really do love him. But I also love myself. I am torn between choosing to stay and fight for it or to let go.

A Wandering Princess


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