One More Try

It was not hard for me to write but these past few days I decided to temporarily stop writing. One thing that is new about me is that I fell in love. And yup, it is the real deal. And I am glad that yesterday I was able to tell Pumpkin Head Jack about this certain relationship.

Instead of writing about my man, I would write about me instead. The love, the struggles, the faith, the arguments, and everything in between.

No one can ever be perfect and so even though I wanted to be the “perfect” girlfriend, it certainly is impossible. But not one single day I didn’t try to be the best girlfriend that I can be.

It wasn’t I guess love at first sight but that day came when I felt enchanted and captivated. I listened carefully to what my inner goddess is telling me and against those things that makes me want to turn my back, my inner goddess told me to give it a try.

And I did.

It has been weeks since the moment that I became someone’s girlfriend. Someone who loves and be loved. But those days were not all laughter and happy moments. We had arguments and have fought each other. We had misunderstandings and shortcomings. We’ve hurt each other. We’ve said things we didn’t mean and to think that we even haven’t crossed that one month line. Some of my friends told me to let go but I stayed. Because I love him. And because I know that I have faith in the relationship and more importantly, I trust him. I trust us.

People can and will always provide advices on how you can face a certain trial in your life but one thing that I am learning at this point is that I know how to listen to advices people gives but at the end of the day, when I have thought thoroughly about it, that only I can decide what I want for myself.

It is a rough path but all I can ever think and feel about is to simply keep moving forward. I can never let something go without putting up a good fight. Until there is love left, or rather until there is love for the other person, then I know that it is something worth fighting for.

A Wandering Princess


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