Handled – To be

Have you ever asked someone this dreaded question…

“Do you want to separate?”

I did.

I asked because I do not want to let go but there isn’t much to hold on to.

Let alone if either of you are willing to fight for what is left between the two of you.

But I care for what the other person thinks and feel. I am not some superwoman and I know I cannot make that person happy always as much as I want to.

I am only a human being, and just like everyone else, I also make mistakes.

We both did.

I still want to be on the other end of the line… I do.

But, I am tired.

I am tired of having an argument

I am tired of reminding that I care

And I don’t want to cry again after this.

This was the second chance…. isn’t it supposed to be sweeter?

A Wandering Princess


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