The Unknown

It has been a year or so since the first time I saw him and felt attracted towards him only to ruin it in a week. Yes. It was that fast. He was so good to be true only that when I get to speak with him and have that conversation that what I thought … Continue reading The Unknown


Handled – To be

Have you ever asked someone this dreaded question... "Do you want to separate?" I did. I asked because I do not want to let go but there isn't much to hold on to. Let alone if either of you are willing to fight for what is left between the two of you. But I care … Continue reading Handled – To be

Let Her Go

A full moon glows above their heads. Strolling the woods, with hands intertwined. On and off, like a switch of a light, a relationship that is doomed from the start. Yet, both keep on coming back. Was it worth it? The clock on his watch striked at 3:00 The same number of times they got … Continue reading Let Her Go