Wear Your Best Stiletto and Walk Away

For days I have been thinking whether to push through with the job I applied for almost a month ago.

Few weeks ago I applied for a job that was recommended by my colleague since her sister is working there. Before, I was sure I am going to work there but when I was called for an appointment I became hesitant. I even missed the date of the appointment by choice hence I was scheduled to another day. I do not know why I still had myself scheduled when I know I am unsure about it. I went on with the second appoinment telling myself that maybe, if I had a feeling of what it is like being there will give me a change of heart but I never felt it.

I got accepted and was called the day after for the final interview and to sign the contract. Even I know and can clearly hear my gut feeling I still pushed through with it. I signed the contract after reading it thrice and went for the medical appointment. I told myself at that moment that I still have a lot of time to think about it.

Few hours from now will be my orientation time and only now that I have decided. I am going to listen to my instinct which I should have done few weeks ago. Even though I fell in love with the orange theme of the office, I still cannot find in my heart to go through with it.

That company is a good company which will provide me with a great experience outside the profession I am used to, gives great benefits and perhaps will let me meet new and trustworthy friends but I got to hear what myself – my inner self is telling me.
Yes, it may pay the bills but what good will it bring if from the moment I stepped on that office I had cold feet?  I do not want to put myself in such agony when I can stop myself from the very start from being in such situation.

I am sorry. But it is not for me because if it is for me and it is right for me then I wouldn’t be feeling this way.

If it doesn’t FEEL right, it’s NOT right—at least not for me.

A Wandering Princess


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