What are you scared of?

There are so many things and people we are all possibly scared of but what is it that you are REALLY scared of?

I used to think that being alone is scary. It wasn’t easy but I tried it and can strongly say that I have overcome it. At first, it was living on my own apartment. I lived in a dormitory since I started college and so I believed it will be easy but I was wrong. My first attempt to live in the apartment by myself got me homesick after few months and so I decided to go back home. Few months passed and I met a guy, had a relationship with him only to get my heart broken by him. At that time, almost everything in my room reminded me of him and so I told my parents I will try and live alone again in my apartment and truthfully, it did help me a lot. Not only to move on from him but more importantly, I became comfortable with myself and became more independent. I learned few things about myself and how to take control of my life.

As time passes by my needs and desires for my life only grew stronger. As I smoke my cigarette before I started to write now was that what is it that I am scared of and after throwing off the butt I realized that it wasn’t just anything. I am afraid that at this point, I do not know what the hell I want to do with my life.

A Wandering Princess


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