Pumpkin Head Jack

This one I greatly believe is the biggest loss I’ve had so far. It was not an easy decision to let go of because I have had the best laugh and he was the one who gave it to me. He helped me looked at the other side of the road which contains nothing but positivity and real happiness until one day, everything shifted as if the earth rotated 360 degrees.

The last conversation we had was empty and yet it was hurtful. He said things I could not imagine him saying but maybe it was my fault because I believed in him. I trusted him with just about everything. I shared with him stories about my life. I spent time talking with him. Those phone calls… everything we shared left me the same time I decided to let go. Nothing is much left of him but memories.

I can never forget the way he made me feel. And I am honestly hoping that maybe, may it be a long shot, that our paths will cross again….

A Wandering Princess


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