Katy Perry: That Unforgettable Night

I do not write reviews for movies/concerts/TV shows I have seen or the new restaurant I dined in not even book reviews but this one is an exception because it was one of the greatest nights I have had so far.

I love watching concerts regardless of which seat I take. I honestly do not have much to spend when it comes to concerts. I just love the feeling of being there with the crowd and enjoy the live music.


I’ve known for months that Katy Perry’s Prismatic Tour will have its run here in the Philippines but it was too far from where I live. I asked my mom to drive me to the concert but of course she said “no” (which I expected, knowing my mom). In addition to that very far location, the tickets are also quite expensive for me (the pay for the nurses is not really that good here in the Philippines and nope I am not using my savings for her) and so I thought of letting this concert pass. I am not really a huge fan of her but I do like her music. But I have to admit that I keep on checking a site where the concert tickets are being sold. I am sailing in between of going and not going until I found out that there is a shuttle offered for those people like me who do not have the means of transportation to go there (yup! I still do not have a driver’s license nor am I acquainted of how to park a car). Damn! Should I go now?

Few days before the concert I told myself “what the hell! I am buying the cheapest ticket so if I ever decide to back out it will not be a total loss”. I bought the cheapest ticket three days before her concert. I do solo travelling and now I did go to a concert on my own. What else can I do solo?

May 7, 2015

I sent a text message to my cousin asking her “where to?” And she told me that we will be watching the Asian Volleyball Championship (Philippines vs. China) so after my appointment with my doctor I went to meet with her and our aunt. I sat at the back seat of the car and decided to check my Viber. What the eff?!!! Today is the concert of Katy and I have totally forgotten about it. I thought the concert was on May 8, 2015. My aunt and cousin totally laughed at my silliness. My aunt parked the car and asked where to drop me off so I can go to the mall where the shuttle is parked.

At this point, again, I was at the edge of whether to go or not. I thought to myself “what’s there to lose?” so I decided to get off the car, take a cab and go to that mall and take that shuttle.

As I climb aboard the bus, I scanned the seats and found one empty seat beside a young girl – she’s probably in her early twenties. I asked if the seat is available and she said “yes”. She is also a solo concert goer like me! A new-found friend. We had different seats at the concert; I had the cheapest and she had an expensive seat hence she will be watching the concert alone. It was only 5:00 in the afternoon when we got to the venue and the concert starts at 8:00 in the evening. There are plenty of stalls around; food, concert souvenirs, a message wall and several photo booths; candy themed, Roar music video themed booth among others. There were games and a dance contest held to keep the fans entertained while waiting. I went to a ticket booth as soon as we got off the bus because I thought of upgrading my ticket from upper box B regular to upper box A premium but I decided not to push through with it since I have decided to get the VIP tickets for Maroon 5 and Imagine Dragons’ concerts and it’s a five grand difference.

We roamed the booths and bought some stuff. My new-found friend (her name is Bea) bought a “book” which contains pictures and some stickers of Katy Perry (duh!) and I bought a headband that has blinking kitty ears (and nope I did not wear it). We waited for few more hours until we were let inside the arena. We had to part ways because we bought our tickets from different company. As I walked through the hallway, a girl approached me, I think I looked lost at that time but I wasn’t really. I was too busy updating my Twitter. She led me to a group of women seated behind a long desk covered in black linen. A woman requested to show her my ticket and asked if I was alone and I said “yes”. She then excitedly told me that she is upgrading my ticket from the cheapest ticket to that five grand difference ticket! That totally without a doubt made my day! Good thing I know how to follow my gut feeling!








Message Wall ©BrigetteChua

Fast Forward…

The first to perform was The Dolls. I honestly do not know them but as they were performing; there were two of them, one of them fell off the stage while playing her violin. She was assisted to get back up and regained her composure. They played several of their songs which I am not familiar with but it is better than listening to the playlist while waiting for the show to start. After they were done with their act, we waited for about thirty minutes for Katy to really start the show. She is really pretty by the way.


Photo Credit: Aimee Dacanay

Her playlist


Part of Me

Wide Awake

Dark Horse


Legendary Lovers

I Kissed a Girl

Hot and Cold

International Smile

By the Grace of God

The One That Got Away/Thinking of You (mash-up)


Walking on Air

This is How We Do

Last Friday Night

Teenage Dream

California Girls


Out of all the songs she sang that night, my favorite and I guess almost everyone who attended the concert was when she did a mash-up of The One That Got Away and Thinking of You.



Her Costumes

No one does better costumes than Katy and she did not fail us. She wore a shimmery gold costume when she performed “Dark Horse”, a sexy blue suit for “I Kissed a Girl”, a charming pink cat ensemble when she played Hot ‘n’ Cold and a lime colored dress with cheery sunflowers for her acoustic set where she used a guitar adorned with glitters and a sunflower. Her back up singers for that set also wore a sunflower inspired skirt which perfectly befitted the theme.

Her Themes

Oh boy where do I start? From Katy’s long braided hair which lit up when she performed “Roar” to a gold mechanical glittery horse with Katy atop for the “Dark Horse” and how can I forget those floating Emojis when she sang “This is How We Do” where she sported a neon green hair and a matching suit?

Dark Horse

Can you see the gold horse? ©BrigetteChua

Her Interaction With The Crowd

During her concert, there came a time when she asked us if there is someone who could teach her our language which is Tagalog. She first set her eyes to a young girl wearing a I-forgot-what-color dress then she shifted her eyes in search of a fan who is wearing a costume until she saw one. The lucky fan’s name is Marty and he was wearing a cute silver shark-inspired costume. As he was led to the stage his heart almost fell as he hugged Katy. He was breathless (who wouldn’t be?) that Katy offered him her own bottle of water to him. Her gift to him? A number of selfies with Katy! I envy but happy for him. She also joked about the traffic here in Manila but she also mentioned (which is note-worthy) “We all went through that traffic because of love for music.”



She had the entire arena lit up!

Before she sang “Unconditionally”, she asked the crowed to light up their phones as she sang which resulted to a sea of bright lights waving across the entire arena as she did her song. It was mesmerizing.







As she capped the night off with “Fireworks”, I looked back to those moments when I was too lazy and with too many excuses not to see her perform and realized that I am lucky that I did. It was an amazing night celebrating her music and savoring it with a crowd who are so energetic all throughout the show. All of us were on our feet singing and dancing as she serenade us with her songs that all of us are familiar with. It was indeed a memorable night and an experience I will surely relive as I play her songs on my music player. I was not a fan of her when I walked through that arena but she made me one as I exit the Philippine arena.

Thank you Katy for that night to remember!

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