What are you scared of? There are so many things and people we are all possibly scared of but what is it that you are REALLY scared of? I used to think that being alone is scary. It wasn't easy but I tried it and can strongly say that I have overcome it. At first, … Continue reading Doubts


Pumpkin Head Jack

This one I greatly believe is the biggest loss I've had so far. It was not an easy decision to let go of because I have had the best laugh and he was the one who gave it to me. He helped me looked at the other side of the road which contains nothing but … Continue reading Pumpkin Head Jack


The cold breeze gently brushes her skin as she stroll down the lifeless road, while surveying the sky. Like his words, the heaven is empty, no stars, no moon. Just a flock of clouds concealing what's beyond underneath. The little voice was there yet she chose to be deaf, she favored the contractions - the fleeting … Continue reading Vagueness


Your skin against mine, the way you held my hand, how you wrap your arm around my shoulder, those stares that made my knees crumble, the tickles, the soft pinches, how you pulled me closer to you. Until the real world slapped us hard. You and I, will never be us.


Same white dress every single day. Strength of a monster, a touch like an angel, speed of a vagabond and a heart of a mother. Lavished with passion and empathy those strangers that are nestled in one's lair. ❤A Wandering Princess


The reality escaped without even letting me have a full notion of it. I tried to hustle passing along those meticulous eyes until I realized, I haven't done any movement at all. ❤ A Wandering Princess