Ready For Your First Ink?

For years I have been wanting to get my first ink. For five years, I know exactly what I want to put in my skin and finally, I got the courage and determination to do it. This decision is not entirely based solely on my desire to get inked but rather I did take my time to give some thoughts about it. Are you thinking about getting your first tattoo? Well then, let me somehow guide you through it.


1. Take Time on YOUR Design

Choosing what to put on yourself is vital when you decide to get your first ink. When I had my design or rather the words I want to be permanently be in my body I took time to really think about it; the design, the location and more importantly, will I be able to live with it? Several times, I had temporary ink of the design I want to see and feel it before I decide it to be done permanently which also called as henna tattoo. I do strongly believe that when deciding on the tattoo you will be getting you have to consider how strong your desire is towards that tattoo. Don’t be pressured on what other people thinks. After all, this is YOUR body and you will be living with this ink forever.


PS. Please AVOID at all costs putting names. Especially if it is the name of your girlfriend or boyfriend or spouse or even your best friend. One do not know how long your relationship will last. Be practical. Why would you spend so much for a tattoo that you might regret when things go sour between the two of you?



2. Tattoo Location

Where you put your tattoo is also as important as the design itself. One needs to consider their occupation; whether it is allowed to have visible tattoos and lifestyle. If you love the outdoors then you have to know that right after getting your tattoo it is a must not to expose it to sunlight for more than two weeks.



3. Know Your Pain Tolerance

Quite honestly I have a low pain tolerance but I still had my first ink on my left wrist. If you have low pain tolerance then I guess it would be wise to skip your face (not a very wise location in any way), hands, ankles, neck, feet or any bony part. It would be wise to choose a “meaty” part since this will be less painful. It does honestly hurt but I managed it because of my strong desire to have it on my wrist. The pain level depends on your pain threshold; from a little painful such as uncomfortable but tolerable to almost or passing out of your chair.



4. Choose Your Artist

I did take my time researching for the tattoo artist who will be doing my first tattoo. I even take into consideration that they need to be DOH (Department of Health) certified. I am a nurse, therefore I want my ink to be done by someone who can be trusted. I also did consider someone who has been in the business of doing tattoo for a very long time. I had mine done by Vice Ink Tattoo who also does tattoos to celebrities.



5. Don’t Go For Cheap

I paid Php 2,000.00 for a small tattoo on my wrist and there were people who finds out about this price were like “that is very expensive” or “you can get that for Php 500.00”. First of all, anyone can do it with some tattoo parlours that are cheap IF their friends or someone they know can vouch that such parlors can be trusted. I have friends who have done it with such but I just cannot risk it like that. This will be a part of my life, my body now and so why would I go for cheap investment.


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6. Do it Alone or with Friends.

When I got my first tattoo I decided to go to the parlour alone. I have decided that this is something I need to do by myself. When I got to the place there is someone having his tattoo and he is accompanied by his friend. After he is done I was then immediately called to get my ink. His friend heard that this is my frist time and so he watched while I was getting mine. I was so nervous and a bit scared because I have no idea how painful it will be for me. I then heard him cheering for me. It was really funny. I had mine for about 15 minutes max. This is entirely up to anyone whether to be accompanied or not. I am comfortable with myself and know myself although I do not know how painful it was but I did it alone. But being accompanied is not bad at all because like what happened with me, someone or some people will be there to cheer you up especially when you start hearing that buzzing sound.


7. Care for your Tattoo

Ask all the questions you have for caring for your tattoo. If there is something you need to clarify then ask about it. After my session, I was given or rather instructed a list of what to do to care for my tattoo. It is vital that you remember them all. If it was given verbally then have someone write it down if you are unable to or ask the artist to write it down for you especially if you are tend to forget a lot of things. Make sure to follow the directions or else you might mess your tattoo up.


Photo Credit: Wayne Kendrick


8. Commitment

Your ink is permanent and so you need to commit to it for life. There are several clinics or hospitals offering to have your tattoo removed but I think it will still leave a mark or so. So do consider to take time before having it permanently done.

After several henna tattoos I did with the same design, I finally have felt that it is the time where I am ready to have it inked permanently. I did take time considering and reconsidering it because of my profession and also because I will be living with it forever and quite honestly, I do not regret it. I love how my first ink looks like and it is exactly where I want it to be.


PS. Once you get your first ink, some may feel that they want to get another one. I had that kind of feeling but I did not give in too easily. I would still choose to take time and consider everything the way I did before so as not to regret it.
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