The Night Before

To be quite honest, I am not really the type who pack her bags days before her flight. What I often do is to make several lists (yup I make lists because there is soooo many things I want to bring with me) few days before my travel date then pack my luggage the night before. Don’t get me wrong. I am super excited to take a flight and just go anywhere but I am too lazy to pack it. What I REALLY need to learn is to pack light which up until now, after so many flights I took both domestic and international, I still cannot find that courage to just bring what I need. Instead, I bring what I think I need and today I am going to share what I am bringing with me for this 8 days 7 nights trip to Davao City.

First, I am bringing with me 2 bags; 1 luggage for check in and a backpack. I had to carry a backpack for my laptop which I am NEVER going to EVER check in. My dad will totally get furious with me if I ever do that. As much as I want to carry just one bag, I simply can’t.

1. Clothes 

Since this is a trip wherein I am going to do activities outdoors mostly I decided to pack a lot (and I mean A LOT) of shorts, sundresses and light tops. I also brought with me a semi formal dress since I am also attending a wedding (talk about hitting 2 birds with one stone). I took into consideration the need to bring one pants just in case I have to be somewhere where shorts are not allowed (I am not sure about this). Better be safe than embarrassed. Also I brought along rash guard and other swim stuffs. (Yes to scuba diving!!!)

Shorts – 4

Tops – 6

Sundresses – 3

Pants – 1

PJs and lingerie – 4 (I gotta sleep too!)

Swim Stuff – 4

Cardigan – 1 (for when it gets cold while strolling around the beach at night)

I know its wayyyy a lot! But believe me, I already left behind the other clothes I want to bring with me.

2. Shoes

And yes it is plural. I brought with me 3 pairs excluding the one I will be wearing to the airport.

Havaianas – For walking around the hotel and the beach

Stilettos – YUP! for the wedding

Sidewalk Surfers – For when I do my excursion around the island of Samal, and simply for walking. It is way more comfortable than slippers.

My favorite open toe sandals – I just love how it looks on my feet! =) well, its my airport shoes. Easy to wear and remove (airport x-rays!!!)

3. Sunglasses

I bought one where the lens are interchangeable which is perfect so that I do not have to bring several sunnies with me. I got the gold rim which matches to my now light golden brown hair!

4. Laptop and Charger

For blogging. ‘Nuff said! And by the way, I think that if you are to buy a laptop which you know you will be bringing a lot for when you travel, choose something light and not as bulky as mine. I think mine is bulky – I use HP Envy with 15.6 inches screen size and is 5.62 lbs. heavy. Dad, if you are reading this I am telling you I am NOT complaining. He wanted me to get MAC instead but I chose this so I can install my games and more so, I can personalize it however I want to.

PS. To Pumpkin Head Jack, DON’T!!! (you know what I mean!)

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5. Camera

What better way to relive those moments of your adventure than to capture it? I decided to get a camera that can be used underwater and something which is sturdy, can take great photos and videos but handy at the same time. I do believe that investing in a good camera is a must especially if you plan to travel a lot or even do extreme or not so extreme activities. Whatever it is, be sure to have one good camera and I am not talking about the camera on your phone. I have a great camera with my phone but I cannot take it underwater (even with the use of waterproof pouch. I just don’t want to risk it that much). Be sure to take all the accessories that comes with your camera, you never know when they become handy. Also, if you love taking scenic views as a background or you got a lot of people who wants to have their picture taken and no one wants to be behind the camera, consider getting a monopod or a GoPole.

6. Book/s

I love reading most especially under a shady tree while listening to that sweet sound of the beach. I brought two books with me; The Single Woman by Mandy Hale because I am single =) no, because I haven’t read it yet but I think it is inspiring and Write Here, Write Now by AA Patawaran.


7. Map

I love maps and I am pretty quite good at it. I bring along with me a map just in case I get lost or if someone is trying to lose me =). You can never be too trusting in places you are about to explore. I know nowadays that we have google maps (but you also have to consider how much it drains the battery of whatever gadget you are bringing with you. I get that. But this is my own preference. I love that I can take notes in it and circle in the places I want to visit without having to miss anything within that area specially if you are the type of traveller who doesn’t make an itinerary like me. I don’t think of having a map guiding you is too tourist-y and besides you can always ask the locals. Maps are fun for me.


8. Other Tech Stuff

Which includes chargers of your; mobile phone, laptop, and camera. Bluetooth headset, earphones and power banks (I got 2; 18k and 10k mah). I place this in just one pouch so as not to confuse myself because I have a lot of pouches whenever I travel.

9. Toiletries

If you are staying in a hotel then perhaps you can skip this but as for me I am visiting lots of places and I can never be sure when I need nor have to use it so I have a handy pouch of these things which includes (ladies: all in travel sizes please);

Shampoo and conditioner



Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss and mouthwash

Sanitary pad

Wet wipes


Make up kit (I do not intend to bring one but since I am attending a wedding I decided to bring it. Way cheaper than having my self get a quick fix at a salon)

10. Medicines

I only brought few pieces of my medicine for whenever I get headaches but other than that I am fine. But if you easily get upset stomach or feels dizzy after a boat ride then I think you need to get some over the counter medicines just to be safe. Make sure to check in with your doctor first if you have health problems before going anywhere. Inform your doctor as well of the activities you think will affect your health.

I think I am done with packing my stuff. Oh and by the way, if you booked your ticket online like what I always do, make sure to print several copies of it and keep it in different parts of your luggage. Since I am going for a domestic flight then I will just bring my passport with me. However, if you are traveling abroad, make sure to photocopy your passport in several copies so that you need not to bring your actual passport. You never know what may happen and I am not going to endanger of losing my passport. Passport lost = travel will definitely be a pain in the a**.

Happy Traveling!


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