An Open Letter to Pumpkin Head Jack

Since you want it… YOU got it! More often than not, whenever we talk you always make it a point in raising the subject of you being in my blog. You firmly believe that I will write something about you. To be quite honest, I thought about it but whenever I do, my gut tells me otherwise. And so to just give you some satisfaction (since you do matter to me) I am writing an open letter to you instead. You know who you are!

Dear Cute, Weird, Nerd, Geek and Dorky Jack, (I won’t reveal your identity!)

And no I am not going to use your words “secret lover”

Wow! I cannot believe I am actually taking time to think about what I should/need or want to tell you. Okay. Let me start first by telling you I am already at the airport and no, it is not because I am excited (flight due at 9:00 am and it is just 5:30 am when I got here) but because I want to avoid the traffic. I am at the “Laptop Station” at the moment so I could start doing this “open letter” for you. I KNOW you’ve been dying to read this one. I cannot promise you that this will be good BUT what I can promise you instead is for my comeback since you have been laughing at everything about me – even though you said it was a good thing.

Will you give me a good reason as to why you do not believe that you make me happy? You keep on saying that it was “just all me”. I am not crazy Jack! I don’t smile nor laugh for no reason at all. Maybe it was you who you are referring to who has been laughing whenever we talk for no reason at all. My eyes and ears are on you Jack! I am WATCHING you! And why were you giggling? huh??? Jack? You told me Vicky sent you a text message last night we talked asking you why you are still up and why you are giggling? I am curious to know why Jack? Why???

This perhaps is the worst open letter ever written. Maybe it is time to get deeper…. or even something that actually makes sense. See? I told you I do not know yet what to write about you or for you.

What made me look at you or rather to take that step by dropping a “hi” is not really you, but Milo. Do you believe me? I don’t think you believe me… Right at this very moment you are definitely telling yourself that what I am saying is not true and you are laughing at me. I just can feel it. Moving on, that was February 17, 2015 at roughly around 6 in the morning. When you told me about that date I immediately thought to myself “why on earth am I still awake at that time OR why on earth I am awake that early?” But whatever the reason was, I was truthfully happy that I was indeed awake on that day with my phone on my hand because then I met Milo………..

Fine. Because I met you.

I have never met anyone who is weird, nerd, geek, dorky, funny, mesmerizing and cute all rolled into one. You have this certain ability to make other people feel good about themselves especially me. I know you do not believe me but you do make me smile which reminds me that I am supposed to thank you. So, thank you. It is certainly not everyday that you meet someone who can compel you to laugh at the most silliest thing similarly to what we do to each other. I have somehow accepted the fact that you believe that you have a short-term memory loss. Check our what’s app window to remind yourself. Unless of course you are confusing me with another or rather with a lot of people you are talking with. Hmmmmmmmm…… I am watching you Jack! (Yup! I am totally imitating you.)

I feel so sleepy at the moment so I do know that I am not making any sense here but hey, I am trying! I told you that we should celebrate your birthday and I do mean that! How’s Bali sounds? It is not too hot in there and so your fear of being fried like a bacon will not happen there! I do not know if you know how to swim. I hope you do, for if not then… well, i am not going to elaborate what may happen to you here. But you gotta trust me! I am still frustrated that you do not want to go to Japan with me! Maybe you are bringing someone else? Hahaha that’s totally fine with me. (I can sense again that you do not believe me on this one….)

Game nights. You are not the only one who loves it and so don’t go on messing with my own “game night”.

Your screenshot pictures. Are you not happy I am sharing with you the still shots from your videos wherein I took the time to do and screenshot it because you look so funny in it? Come on now Jack! I know you love it!

Our handwriting. Yup! My handwriting is way better than yours and I know you agree on this one.

My blog. Stop stalking me thru my blog! and you even typed in a comment! Don’t mess with me Jack. You know I can mess with you better.

Goodness! I am writing the worst entry I could ever possibly write and because of this, I am stopping this right now.

Oh and lastly, how is your afternoon so far Adam Buchanan?

– Your Wandering Princess

PS. To those who painfully read this entry,

I do apologize that you undergone such silliness between me and Adam. It has been our thing-messing with each other. But he messes with me mostly. He just love that. One thing though that I can tell you is that he means something to me and so I gave in to this crazy idea that he desires so much – to be in this blog.

On a serious note, I am still waiting for my flight. I am bound to have a crazy and adventurous travel this week and I am definitely sharing it with everyone.


2 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Pumpkin Head Jack

  1. Pumpkin head Jack says:

    Finally something about me!
    You care you really Care! XD
    Ok so my Birthday? you said you wanted to celebrate my birthday.. How?! And i never said no to Japan! Alllsoooo i will type here so people can get to know your silly side more!

    Dear Random internet users and fellow blogers,

    This sweet young gal (aka) miss Wonder
    has not told me about this post at all for 2 or 3 days.
    We talked and she told me she was going on a trip.
    And i told her thats cool also id be working like a dog at my work because its going to be super busy.
    And it was! I got out at 4am…. yeah not cool!
    And as 3 days passed she types me are you ok? And are we ok?
    Me being confused said….. huh?
    She thought i was reading this post about me!
    So image this wondering princess wondering and having a panic attack about me being mad.
    A true OMG moment!
    So i got to reading it and laughing with chuckles. Because it is funny. Well i guess if your me or her….
    Any ways i told her id leave a comment.

    Her response was. It better be good!
    And also she gave me a list of what i should do for or to her to make her feel better.
    YES! a list!
    the first thing on the list was
    1. Type me
    what a goof!
    And i cant tell you the rest but I assure you it is very Interesting and quite Amusing ^.^

    Yes im laughing but with you Chua!


    • A Wandering Princess says:

      Dear Pumpkin Head Jack,

      I find it very amusing and quite a compliment that you love using the name I provided for you which was “pumpkin head jack”. Thank you for taking the time to comment here in this specific entry that was made for you just because you really have that much intense desire to be in here in my blog which I find flattering. In response to your comment; I don’t really care. Don’t make assumptions. Okay fine! I’d be lying if I say that which is not my thing. So yeah, I do care for those who are reading my blog and I’d possibly give in with even the silliest request such as yours. Oh you mean I care for you??? Hmm… I’ll get back with you on that one. hahaha… How are we going to celebrate your birthday? By going out on a trip. Hence the “Japan” thing. No, you did not exactly say that you do not want to go to Japan with me BUT you said that you want to go there alone. So go figure. I also find it very flattering that you used the word “sweet and young” to refer to me. I also did not have any panic attack as you have mentioned nor thought that you are mad. You are the funniest person I have ever met and so, there is like 2 out of 10 chances with you getting mad. And no, I don’t ever think you’ll get mad at me. About the list, it was a 6 numbered list. How hard can that be? And please, that was sooo easy for you. Come on now dear! I am happy that you had fun talking with me. I guess that has been a habit of yours – that is, laughing and making fun of me. And do your own blog. Stop sabotaging mine. Or do you want me to even put up a page for you??? Goofball!


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