20 Things A Girl MUST Accomplish Before Settling Down

When a woman finds the man of her dreams, there is this possibility of evolving her whole world around this guy. Come on ladies, you exactly know what I meant by this. True enough that this may not apply to ALL the women out there but what is it to lose if we will not be able to enjoy the life of a single woman? We only got one chance to live our lives to the fullest and so, why not take a chance? Take that leap.

This is in NO particular order. Fulfill those you are comfortable of doing because at the end of the day, it is YOUR happiness that matters. Live with LESS regrets.

1. Live Alone

Unless you try living alone, you will never be able to fully understand how comfortable you can get by being on your own. I’ve tried living alone last year but went back to my folk’s house because it was actually pretty much sad living alone but one day I got my heart-broken and all I ever wanted is to be left alone and so I went back to my apartment and have been living alone since then. Now, I am more comfortable of being alone in my own home. I can pretty much do anything I want. Aside from that, I learned how to do household chores which are a necessity if you decide to move in with a guy. Another perk is that I became more independent and I make sound decisions that if in any case it went cold I got nothing to blame but myself. Learn from it and let it go.

2. Take Yourself Out on Dates

If you are not living alone, then this is a MUST. Get over the fear of being alone and rather enjoy it. Taking yourself out and dating your own self gives you freedom to choose from which restaurant to dine in, to what food you should order, to whether you want a dessert or not. YOU deserve sometime alone. Enjoy your hard-earned cash and splurge on yourself. Go to a spa and have that body spa you have been dreaming about, pamper yourself or if you are really in for something bolder, go on a cruise. You will never know who to meet along your way. Once you are comfortable with being with yourself, better the chances that you’ll end up with someone who is comfortable with himself too. More so, you get a better chance of building your SELF CONFIDENCE.

3. Let Go of Your PAST but Remember What it Taught You

Past events ought to teach us what we need to learn and from that point forward, LET GO. Whether it was an ex boyfriend who dumped you, or a friend who betrayed you or a mistake you committed. Whatever it was, it ended and so you have to let it go so that you can make a room for the future. If you keep on dwelling on what had happened you may miss out on something beautiful that is meant for you. YOU are the driver of your OWN train. So keep on driving and never stop so just you can look back on to those things that hurt you. You already LEARNED FROM IT and that is enough. YOU deserve to be happy.

4. Overcome a Thing or Activity that Scares You

At least once in your life, do something that scares you (probably not for those with serious phobia). For me, I have been wanting to get an ink but I was afraid of doing so because almost every people who has a tattoo told me it was VERY painful and knowing myself, I have a low tolerance of physical pain. One day, I decided to book an appointment with a known tattoo artist. I do not know why I did that but I did it anyway. As my appointment time approaches by, I can literally feel my heart pounding against my chest. I am so nervous and I honestly wanted to freak out – but did not. Composure ladies. Anyway, I decided to go alone. I told myself that this is a new experience and something I feel like wanting to do for myself by myself and so I did. I had my very first ink at my left wrist. It was painful but tolerable. It was tolerable because I believed that overcoming something I fear will help me feel empowered to conquer the other fears that I have. True enough it did. I am to go next week and try scuba diving.

5. Buy Yourself Some Flowers

Why do you think guys buy girls some flowers? It is to show affection. So why not buy some for yourself to show YOUR affection to YOURSELF? And to be serious, flowers makes any girl happy, so why not make yourself happy? You need not to wait for a man to buy you some. YOU can go and buy it yourself. Put it in a nice vase and just linger to how good it feels. Bonus: you can decide which flower you actually want, which color, whether long-stemmed or not. Isn’t it amazing?

6. Be Kind to Yourself

Ladies, hear me out on this one. YOU are SPECIAL and YOU are WORTHY of anything good that life has to offer. Nurture yourself and make it a point to really give time for you to develop a STRONG self-love. No matter what a guy has made you feel or treated you in the past nor how a guy is making you feel right now nor treating you right now, if it is not good, if it makes you feel like you are not worthy, if it lowers your self-worth and self dignity and your confidence then LET IT GO. You owe it to yourself to drop those who doesn’t make you feel worthy at all. The only person you will always end up at the end of the day is YOURSELF. So be kind to her and more importantly, PROTECT her.

7. Discover and Develop a New Hobby

There is no better time to do this than RIGHT NOW. Stop procrastinating it. If you are single, this is the best time to get to know yourself more. Just so we are all clear, what I meant by single is someone who is not married. If you have a boyfriend and he lets you do things for yourself then that is good. However, if he will not allow you to do things that will help you grow as a person and develop your own character then you may have to think about it. It will always be up to you – you the beautiful girl reading this. Few weeks ago I decided to stop dating and focus on myself and to be honest it brought out something beautiful. I learned what I really want to do with my life which is to write and to travel. Something I may have never known if I have decided to get stuck on a relationship leading to nowhere. I have enrolled myself in creative writing lessons and have been booking flights and checking out places I want to discover by myself. I have a strong belief that the best way to REALLY be happy is to do the things you love the most.

8. Quit your Job and Pursue the Job You REALLY Want.

I have been working as a nurse for more than five years now. I have been acquainted with a home care clinic, to being a private duty nurse to working in a government hospital. To be honest, being a nurse and working as a nurse is my dream until I woke up one day that yes, it is my dream but just one of the many dreams that I want to fulfill. I have crossed off one dream which is to become and to work as a nurse and now I am doing everything I can to achieve the other dreams that I have one step at a time. Quitting your job may mean that you will not be able to get a monthly salary and the benefits that one gets from working in a company. We may not all agree on this one but FOR ME, it is a RISK WORTH TAKING. I know what I want and I will do anything to attain such goals. I may have to work jobs from one point to another but it will never stop me from doing what I really want.

9. Go Out on Several Dates

I do not mean for you to go out every single night on a date. What I meant by this is that go out and have fun meeting new people and not necessarily thinking of having a future with a guy or guys. This is not for you to keep on collecting guys then select the one who you want to end up with. Going out on dates lets you identify what exactly it is that you want out of a guy and may I remind you that you are out there to enjoy and not to look for a guy because you just feel the need to be with a guy. A man should only complement our life because we are happy living it by ourselves as oppose to looking for a guy to complete you. Those two words are totally different. Never let anyone make you feel complete because what if that guy decides to walk away from you? What will happen is that you will be left broken. However, if that guy complements you, if that guy decides to walk away then you will still be whole. It may sting but it will never leave you broken. So go out and HAVE FUN.

10. Spend One Night Drinking Until You Don’t Remember

WARNING: Only applicable if you are with your most trusted friends. Not to be done alone. The reason why I included this in this list is because this night may be the one of your best nights and wake up with the worst morning after. This will remind you not to drink beyond your limit. Trust me on this one. It only takes ONE NIGHT to get drunk and be out of control to teach you never to get THAT drunk ever again.

10. Party Like A Rock Star

As you get older you will realize that there are more things far more important to be done and partying is not included. Until you reached that time of your life, grab this time, this opportunity wherein you know you can do this without feeling so guilty afterwards. This is YOUR party. Do whatever you want – from laughing till you fall off your chair, to dancing till your legs felt like collapsing to even crying for no reason at all. Do whatever it is that will make you happy and how this night will be a night to remember. Call your girlfriends, put on that nice dress you’ve been dying to wear but have not had any reason to wear it until now, get dolled up with your best of friends, take TONS of selfies (Oh I know you will!) and party like a rock star! YOU deserve only the BEST.

11. Do Something that is Out of you Comfort Zone

This is quite similar to doing the things that scares you. The difference is that you are not afraid to do it, rather you have been so comfortable with how you are living your life and have perhaps forgotten that there are thousands of places and things that are yet to be discovered by YOU. Go out there. Be with the nature or participate in a book club or go hiking or trekking. Fly with birds through paragliding or discover the world under the water by scuba diving. There are literally a huge number of activities that you can do. Try it and have fun while you are doing it. All it takes is one step forward and you are off to one of the greatest adventures you will ever do. Trust me, when you are old and looked back on these activities you thankfully did when you were younger you will feel much happier and feel that you have lived your life to the fullest. No I am not that old to say this but try reading those articles of dying people who had wished they have done more things as such when they were younger. Those articles will truly inspire you as it did with me.

12. Travel Solo to a Foreign Country

Domestic flights will do as long as you do SOLO traveling. I have done this few times already and I must say that this kind of adventure is really fun and it made me one with the locals as well. I remembered backpacking to Davao City, I do not know where to go but one things is for sure, I want to explore Davao City the way I want it too. Compared with tour travels, traveling alone will not only let you spend more time say in a place that you really intend on staying and there are no time limits. All I had is a map and my voice. Whenever I get lost or if I do not know which jeepney to ride on or the stop I am supposed to get off, all I did is to converse with the locals. And let me say this, I know google maps are way cooler nowadays or perhaps easier as compared with navigating with the use of a map but try it. It is an eye opener and an experience I will never forget and something I am always proud of. I am to do a solo travel either to Bali or to Hong Kong. I have been to Hong Kong few years ago but there were some places I was not able to visit simply because we had a guided tour. So now, I will just book my tickets and a cheap apartment (Check: Tripadvisor) and design my own journey.

13. Forgive YOURSELF

Similar to being kind to yourself is learning how to fully forgive yourself of the things you have done wrong in the past. The best and only way to move forward aside from letting go is to pardon yourself. Whether it was guilt, shame, failed relationships, or a mistake you have committed. This is the time to close that chapter in your life and open the new chapter of YOUR book which is SOLELY designed by you – the newly renewed YOU.

14. Have a Vacation Fling

REMINDER: This is only for the SINGLE WOMEN out there. No commitments of ANY KIND at all or you might regret it instead of enjoying it. And this is not for those who are looking for a serious relationship thereafter hence it is called a fling. It is meant for some women who are up for a kind of adventure and romance without expecting ANYTHING in return. This is more for fun and enjoying a vacation till it lasts. This is the kind of romance that has a deadline. So if you are the type who gets attached too quickly then stay away from this one as in VERY far away because this is not for you. However, if you are the kind of women who wanted to take dating to another level then go ahead and enjoy, date and have a fling with a traveler like you. Find that sexiest man you are attracted to (hopefully he is attracted to you as well) and spend time with him all you want or need too. No fuss and more importantly no drama. Remember: BE SAFE. You know what I mean! Take nothing but the memories.

15. Have a Friend or Friends that you Can Call “Sister/s”

Friends come and go but there will be few that will be left and if they do stay, treasure them. These friends will be your friends for a lifetime. Get to spend time with them and enjoy activities that all you in your circle enjoys doing.

16. Host a Girls Night Only Party

What better way to bond with our girlfriends than to have a night only for us girls. Do a Sex and the City or Desperate Housewives marathon, have a mani-pedi spa, enjoy a staycation in a five-star hotel or even do trekking if you and your girls are up fo it. Whatever the activity is, the main important thing to remember is that this is your night with the girls. Spend it like there is no tomorrow because you will never know when this time will happen again (Since most of you have work or perhaps a family already to take care of) so cherish it and live in it. More importantly get connected with each and every one.

17. Learn a Foreign Language

Why you ask? because it is fun. You do not need to travel to France to learn the French Language nor you need to go to China to have to study the Chinese language. In all honesty, you do not need to go anywhere so you can have the reason why to study a certain language you are interested in learning. All it takes is your aspiration of doing so. I remembered I enrolled in this expensive language center that teaches French solely because I am immigrating to Quebec. Guess what? I am not in it and so I stopped. It was fun and I did enjoy it but I felt like I was there only because I need to learn it as compared with studying a language you REALLY are interested with. I am currently practicing Italian through Rosetta Stone which was given to me by Adam. It is an app you can download in your smartphones. Try it. You got nothing to lose but only to gain.

18. Be Adventurous and a Risk Taker

Regardless of what activity or experience that you are interested in, GO OUT and DO IT. Try at least once in a while, similar to going out of your comfort zone is to take a risk a be adventurous. There are definitely a lot of things that you can do that will FULLY make you happy and satisfied. Whether its simply riding a rollercoaster to cliff diving or even a simpler one by trying a different route to work. Whatever it is, go on and do it. Take chances and live life to the fullest.

19. Live with LESS Regrets

For me, it is simply an understatement to say “Live with NO regrets” because each and every single one of us has regrets and no matter what you do it is A PART OF YOU in a good way because it taught you a valuable lesson you can never learn if not having the chance to regret something. I would rather see it as living with less regrets. Meaning, do not commit the same mistake twice. After all, we are all human beings and therefore we make mistakes but it is never to be used as an excuse to committing the same miscalculation, the same misconception nor the same fault twice. Learn from the first one and live with it and remind yourself to choose wisely the next time it tempts you to fall back to it. Say “Never again”.

And Lastly,

20. Choose to BE Happy.

One thing I learned from the time I was beyond rock bottom is that HAPPINESS IS A CHOICE. Never think otherwise. The only person that will ever make you happy is yourself. Do not put your OWN happiness in the hands of another person (even if he is hot and sexy). YOU design your OWN journey, your own path. You live with yourself 24 hours a day 7 days a week so why hand your happiness nor depend your happiness to someone who is not with you 24/7? The only important character in your life is YOURSELF and NO ONE else.


What have you done today to make yourself happy?

With so much LOVE,

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