Pulled Out

Today I literally spent my 7 hour shift from the usual 8 hour shift out of the hospital where I am working to another hospital to accompany a patient for bone scan. Supposed to be, our nursing aid will be the one to accompany her but when I did my initial rounds after endorsements I noticed that the patient was having difficulty of breathing. I took the pulse oximeter to check her oxygen level and it was just at 91%. It was already seven in the morning and the relatives were in a hurry to go to the other hospital because according to them that hospital has a strict schedule. I informed our doctor regarding the status of the patient and she said that a nurse should accompany the patient and she ridiculously recommended me. I have eight patients at that time, one of which has a blood sugar monitoring every hour.  I was worried somehow because I do not know how long does it take to do bone scan and I do not want to burden my colleagues with my patients but clearly it was not my choice to make. I endorsed my patients to my co nurses who happens to be my friends.

The relative of this patient-her daughter is often the one who takes care of her. While we were at the other hospital I noticed how she takes care of her mother. How devoted and patient she is to her. After awhile I told her to let her mother rest since she was still having difficulty of breathing. The daughter sat beside me and handed me a bottle of mineral water which I took because I am surprisingly thirsty at that time.

I started to talk to her, asked her questions. She was the only child. Her mother decided to leave her husband because she was not in love with him and was only forced by the patient’s parents to marry the guy. She was only three years old and her mother did everything to raise her well. I asked if she has a child of her own and she said she doesn’t. She want a child but not at this time because she want to take care of her mother. She has a live in partner. I asked because her mother has been confined in the hospital for almost a month now and never did I notice she left and let anyone else look after her sick mother.

During our conversation I never noticed an inch of sadness or pity. She was telling her story like it was okay for her to do everything she is doing. She said she misses working but she can never ask anyone to look after her mother because she is afraid that her mother might be neglected.

I honestly was somehow frustrated that I was not able to do my work at the hospital but I guess things fall into places in God’s time. I witnessed and felt that unconditional love from a daughter to a mother. That she would put aside her life aspirations, dreams and her future for the woman who loved her so much.


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